Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"I Just Need to Go" 4

The trilogy turns into a... whatever you call a series that has four... in it... maybe a quartet.
Anyways, I edited "I Just Want to Go" into something that tells the story. Hoever, after having doen so, I split the footage up into subclips in Final Cut Pro, organized my folders (bins, in the movie world), got the plug-ins that I needed put into a bin, viewed all of my footage, and then re-assembled the video. After doing all that, I went in and got realy nitpicky with it. Finding the frame I wanted to start on or end on, color-corrected each clip, decided I was well pleased and saved it. Now I just got to figure out what I'm going to do about the sound design.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

"I Just Need to Go" 3

Well, this past Tuesday I shot "I Just Need to Go". Quite an interesting day.
My "dog" fell through so I was frantically searching out knew talent. I finally got Alex to agree to play the part of the owner of Butch if I got Mike to switch over to the role of the dog. So, Mike became the dog. Of course, he had no say in this decision, which is the way it should alway be. Oh, and Teresa played the friend that the owner runs into.
I ran through the shots I needed. I should get better at sticking to me plans. That's kind of what they're there for. In the meantime, I'm definitely going to remember to make sure I improve on that next time around.
I should also mention that everytime Mike went over to the fire hydrant to pee on it, a car drove by. One even stopped to laugh at him. Definitely made my day.
In a matter of hours, Paul and I will be going over my organizational skills on Final Cut Pro. I watcched the "Dailies" and oganized each clip into... clips. I've created a rough map of what will have happened by the time it's over, so I have an idea of what to expect already.
With any luck, when I get the project finished, I'll be able to make it available to download so all of you who read this (lets see, Paul... and... Skidmore...) will be able to see it. If nothing I'll make a 30 movie trailer to go along with my 30 movie.Then you all can watch that.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Persistence of Vision

Tonight, I’m doing a “Persistence of Vision Example”. Allow me to explain.
Take you hand and wave it in front of you really fast. What do you see? If you answered “A sculpture of aliens coming down from the sky and abducting your kid sister”, get your eyes checked. What you should have seen was whatever was on the other side of your hand.
In this project, I will be using a piece of paper taped to a stick (pen, pencil, something like that). The piece of paper will have a drawing on both sides. The idea is for someone to be able to take the stick between their hands rotate it quickly, making the two images on either side of the paper, to appear to be the same image. Lets see how this is going to work.
(Time passes)
So…. it kind of works. Lining the images up was a pain. And half the picture doesn’t work. But the weird half does… mostly. I showed it to some friends and they said that they could tell what it was. Sense I can’t scan the images into my computer and post these on my space, I’ll just tell you what it is (the half that works).
On one side is a stick suspended in air. To the right is a box. Underneath him: the ground. On the other side is the hangman pole. So, when you rotate the two images on the stick, you see a man who has been hung. I know it sounds morbid, but it was the easiest thing to do.

Monday, September 26, 2005

"I Just Need to Go" 2

Sorry guys, this isnt a sequal. As much a sI know you'd all love to see one.
I just finished putting "I Just Need to Go" into script form. I now know why their script writing programs as opposed to using Microsoft Word as a script-writing program. We all can't live without Word, I know, but I could survive never writing another script in the thing (speaking of Microsoft, I won an Xbox 360 Wednesday, September 21, at 12:00 am).
I would post the final script in here, but it would get all garfunkled up (I will have a photo of the word document on But I will tell you about the experience.
First off, it was about 3:00 am when I started doing this. I know, shame on me. So, I am listening to music and drinking soda to keep me alert. Funny how my soda of choice is A&W Root Beer (for you who are less educated than the rest of us, root beer, with the exception of Barqs, has no caffeine). I am using an example script that Paul gave me to try and make this thing look as much like a script as possible, placing tabs in relative places using a diagram at thee bottom of the example. Then I realize something: I have no idea what the margins for the example are, so I can’t accurately match this up.
It was hard to know what actions to place in the script and what not to. Obviously, I wont right ever little detail down, but at what point am I too detailed? Not sure yet. Also, it was shard to be able to discern whether or not the “unintelligible sounds” being made by Joe and Robert were speech or actions. I improvised, as you’ll see in the final project.
Anyways, I’m excited about it. Can’t wait to see how this thing is going to look on film.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

“I Just Need to Go”

Below you will see the results of my lame attempt at a script.

“I Just Need to Go”

EXT: Sidewalk in front of some houses.
Joe (man) and Butch (dog) are walking down street. Joe is stopped by Robert. The two men begin to converse. (This is heard as unintelligible nonsense, just as it would be from the Butch’s perspective).
Butch attempts to pull away and walk toward hydrant that he sees. Joe doesn’t move. Butch pulls harder. Joe pulls back. Butch barks. Joe scolds Butch. Butch looks at hydrant again. Butch stands next to Robert and lifts leg.
Joe apologizes to Robert for Butches behavior, takes three steps towards the hydrant allowing Butch to be able to reach it. Butch does his business.

It ain't much, but it tells the story. Obviously, Butch (the dog, for those of you who just don't understand art) needs to mark his territory and can't becuase his owner is keeping him from doing such. Even though this is really short, I still wanted for someone to be able to watch it and enjoy it, so there are comic things within.
I felt that having the two men's voices be nothing but a jumbled mess would add to being able to understand what Butch is going through. He needs to take care of business and can't, and doesn't understand why. All he understands is his name and a few random commands (which will be shown in the film). Also, what the men are speaking of has no bearing on the story, so it isn't imperitive that we hear what they are speaking of. I have an idea of making subtitles available in a DVD format where the nonesense that is actually being spoken by the two actors is displayed.
Also, in keeping in mind the final product, I want to portray the hydrant as far away, and then reveal that hydrant all of two feet from the end of Butch's leash, which I think will make a few people chuckle.

Photo Roman Posted.

Check out to view my photo roman.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Photo Roman

Well, I finished my first project for the year. I created a Photo Roman [Roe-mon]. Basically, I had ten photos to tell a story. I will actually post the project at as soon as I get onto my PC. Stupid Mac OS X Safari isn't supported by the blog editor.
Anyways, it was fun and interesting.... and different. I told a story of a man who gets stuck in the bathroom and can't get out. Because I can't post the project here, here's the diagram I used as a template for the project.

Action Interpretation
Guy 1 washes hands. Close-up of Guy 1’s hands turning off bathroom sink.
Guy 1 tries to open door and can’t because it’s stuck. Full shot of Guy 1 pushing on door and looking confused.
Guy 1 pushes harder. Medium shot of Guy 1 gritting teeth and pressing self up . against stuck door.
Guy 1 kicks door. Full shot of Guy 1 in the action of kicking door.
Guy 1 karate chops door. Medium shot of Guy 1 in action of karate chopping door.
Guy 1 gets hurt. Close-up of swelled hand.
Guy 1 gets angry. Medium shot of Guy 1 looking angry.
Guy 1 runs at door. Full shot of Guy 1 in action of charging door. Door has just . begun to open.
Guy 2 from outside opens the door. Over the shoulder shot of Guy 2 standing at now opened door . looking surprised as Guy 1 is in action of mowing down Guy 2.
Guy 1 runs into Guy 2 and they both fall over. Full shot of Guy 1 lying on top of Guy 2 out side of door.

When I got to the bathroom I was going to be using, I noticed that the door opened the wrong way. So, all the pushing became pulling. Also, the bathroom was too small for any full shots to happen. So, every shot larger than a full shot became a medium shot. And, right before the kicking the door sho, Mike (my model) decided to climb on the floor and do a Loony Tunes place-both-feet-on-the-door-and-pull move. So the karate chop was changed to that and the throbing hand shot was changed to Mike holding a trash can at the door. Other than that, everything went as planned.
Ultimately, I feel really good about the project. Make sure to check out for the actual photos.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

First Post

I am awesome.